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While working through countless hours of editing I managed to create a set of
presets I use every day.  They help me harness a quick workflow while
maintaining creativity. I'm excited to share these and hopefully,
you will find them as useful as I do.

This kit includes 10 Presets

B&W - BASIC: I use this as a starting point or finished product for creating Black and White images. 

B&W - POP: Adds clarity and contrast. You may have to make adjustments as it could overexpose your image.

BASIC GRADE: This is a basic color grade that can be used on almost any image. 

BLOWN: Brings out a creative look while it's adding adjustable gradient and radial filters. Not suited for all images

CHOCOLATE: A sepia look is applied here but more chocolaty like. Mmm, I love chocolate! 

DeClar FADE: Clarity is only focused on the middle while a slight fade tone is applied to the whole image.

DESAT: Desaturates the color yet gives your overall image some clarity on select parts. 

MYSTERIOUS: It creates a mystical type look. Multiple gradients and radial filters are added to create this look. 

VIVID - BASIC: This pops a little more than the BASIC GRADE preset. I use this as a final color grade sometimes.

VIVID - UNBALANCED: Adds a creative look with adjustable gradient filters that attracts specific parts of the image.   

Why use Presets?

Lightroom presets give you a great starting point

Instead of manually editing a photo from scratch, you can apply a preset to make a big change and edit from there. You're getting a head start on the project.


Lightroom presets can do a one-click edit

If I’m hitting a blank spot on where I want to take an image I will hover over my presets and see if I like any of the previews. Sometimes I love it and it’s a one-click edit.  Sometimes I like the look but know it needs a little tweaking. Either way, it can save a lot of time. Check out a few one-click edits below from some of my presets.


Lightroom presets save time with the live preview feature

When you hover over the preset names the image thumbnail in the top left corner will give you a preview of what that image will look like with that preset. As you scan your mouse over the list you will be able to tell if a certain preset will look good or not. If it does, you can click once and be done with the image.


Lightroom presets save time by enabling batch editing

Imagine shooting 100 images in an area where the lighting stays consistent. Instead of individually editing the images one by one, you can apply that preset and achieve the same ‘look’ as the previous photos. The next time you want that type of ‘look’ on a photo with a similar lighting setup you can just apply a preset in one click. It will move all the sliders to those exact positions so the editing style stays the same.

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Recently asked questions

Q: What kind of images would I apply these presets to?

A: These presets can be used with many different images like Landscape, Portrait, Action, and Aerial perspectives. 


Q: How and when do I receive my presets?

A: You will receive a download link immediately after purchase.


Q: How do I install these presets to lightroom?

A: It is very easy to Install and Instructions are included in the digital download.

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